Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Great Question! Scipio Web stands out from other services for three main reasons:

1. We save you time. Other services require careful attention and adjustment from you; this often consumes hours of your precious time each day. This is the case in order for you to see results from the service. With Scipio Web we do it all for you!

2. Our focus is on getting you Real, Targeted, and Engaged followers. Nearly every other service only focuses on getting you more followers, but what good are followers if they don’t match your target demographic? Worse yet, what if they’re a bogus spam accounts? The entire point of gaining new followers is to broaden your reach, increase your total customers/viewers, therefore gaining more profit.

3. We have many years of experience using Instagram Growth Tools. We’ve looked at and have used other tools. This experience helps us not to waste time/effort on the things that don’t make a difference for your account. We have tried and tested many tools, we have expirimented with enormous amounts of settings, and we have fine-tuned our software and account management process to get you the results you need. We will save you the trouble by sharing the lessons we’ve learned.

Scipio Web grows your Instagram account by assisting in the Follow/Unfollow process (along with a few other things such as liking posts). After we research your Instagram account and your target demographic, we are able to significantly speed up the Follow/Unfollow process by following people and engaging in their posts that are interested in your content. This in return saves you time along with yielding better results than other services.

In addition to using Scipio Web to grow your Instagram account, the best results come by having great content (beautiful pictures, engaging posts, etc).

Instagram has set limits for using their app (to monitor and stop bot activity), whether it is through a service such as Scipio Web or by yourself using the Instagram app, and obody is exempt from these limits.

Even at our fastest plan, Scipio Web falls within these limits; we even allowing a little wiggle room for you to perform manual actions each day (following a few accounts, liking pictures in your feed, etc.). We keep a constant eye on Instagram’s Limits/Policies as they change frequently, in order to keep our total actions within their limits.

In over a year of growing accounts on Instagram, we haven’t had a single account get blocked/flagged yet. As long as you are not using multiple Instagram growth services, you can rest assured that your account will be safe.

By default no. We always configure Scipio Web to only unfollow accounts that Scipio Web has followed. On occassion we will configure it otherwise per request. For exampel if you are transferring from another Instagram growth service that left you following tons of other accounts.

Instagram marketing is important because Instagram is the place to be and the place everyone is: Consumers, Buyers, Sellers, Sponsors, etc. Instagram marketing will not directly translate to website views (but can) however it is a great place to network. Seeking sponsors has never been easier and is a great way to increase your income. Take it from one of our clients:

“Using Scipio to grow my Instagram account was a total game changer. I had decent site traffic, but my only strong social media at the time was Pinterest, which isn’t super influential for gaining sponsored work. I wanted to grow my Instagram account because I love the platform and it’s a great way to contact brands for sponsored work. I have grown my account from 1400 followers to over 25,000 followers in 8 months and started making money from sponsored work after just a few months. I can now charge almost triple what I was before for sponsored work because of how engaged my Instagram audience is. Scipio doesn’t just get you followers. Scipio brings followers to your account that are loyal and engaged, something no other service has been able to do for me. I also love the whitelist feature, I know that I have total control of my account and what’s going on behind the scenes. Can’t recommend Scipio enough!”


All in All, the bigger your Instagram account, the bigger the payout.

Growing your account after you get to 10,000 followers makes good business sense. It will allow you to charge more for sponsored posts, give you more reach for selling your own products, and more opportunity for mutually beneficial collaborations with accounts you love.

Easy! Just continue to post the same great content, and continue to engage with your followers by liking pictures, commenting, and viewing stories. The way to keep great followers is to be a great follower!

Per our policy we do not issue refunds for paid services, however we will be happy to finish out the month of service you have paid for.

If you wish to cancel please do so before your next reccuring payment.

Yes, but please notify us if you do, as your account will be disconnected from Scipio Web. We can work with you if you have a regular schedule for updating your password, or if you’d like to start one.

We recommend posting at least once a week and at most once a day. Any more than once a day will flood your followers feed and has the potential to significantly lower your engagement, thus hurting your account. Posting less often than once a week tends to lose followers because your account seems inactive. There are exceptions to these guidelines, but these are what we recommend to get the best engagment for most accounts.

There is no single best time to post, it really depends on a lot of things. The first thing to consider is where your followers are located. Your engagement will be significantly lower if you are posting while all your followers are asleep! We have noticed that around 5:00 pm (or after the workday) tends to have higher engagement (because everyone is getting off work and getting on to their phones), but this guideline may vary from account to account. For high accuracy check YOUR specific insights to see when you receive the highest engagement.


Stories can be highlighted on the discovery page, so it’s important to be posting and using hash tags in your stories. Stories also help your audience get to know you, and is a great place to call them to action.

Stories are very under-appreciated! These can be a very powerful tool for getting more views and clicks on your website or webpage. Once you have over 10,000 followers (and you’re a business page), you are able to link via “swipe up” on your stories. This can be an INCREDIBLE tool for getting people to your website or webpage.

Quality content is what keeps followers. Our main job is to get eyes (views, likes, and comments) on your content, your job is to keep your followers. Engaging value-packed content will help you keep your followers, and help you gain new followers.

While Instagram doesn’t always translate to massive page views to your website or blog, it does have major benefits. Instagram is a great way to leverage sponsorships, partnerships, and affiliate marketing. Instagram users buy, and it’s a great way to help them know, like, and trust you.

Also be sure you have enough data in order to analyze if Scipio Web is working in order to make a good decision.

To cancel your recurring payment, simply email me here at Scipio Web and we can immediately cancel your subscription.