Refer your friends and earn $50 for every referral!


Refer your friends and earn $50 for every referral! Payouts happen on the 10th of each month. Have your friends use the code: for 25% Off their 1st four months of service!

Sign up and start earning by following the instructions below!

1. Signing Up

1.1- To become an Referrer you will first need to sign up here (link will open in a new tab). Follow the prompts after clicking “Sign Up”.

Refer back to this page if at any point during the process you get stuck.

2. Dashboard Overview

2.1- After signing up you will be redirected to your referral dashboard. On this page you will see:

  a. Campaign Name
  b. Your Unique Referral Code
  c. Sharing Options
  d. Campaign Information
  e. Account Settings

2.1a- Campaign Name: This is the campaign name and should read “Scipio Web Referral Program”,

2.1b- Unique Referral Code: This is the URL (otherwise know as the “unique referral code”) you will share with your friends and other people. It will take them to Scipio Web’s home page, however the URL at the end will be different. These numbers and letters at the end of the URL are how we know which sign-ups go to which referrer.

2.1c- Sharing Options: These are the available sharing options. You can share your URL on Facebook, Twitter, or directly through Email. If you’d like to share it elsewhere simply click “Copy Link” (this will copy the URL) and paste it where you would like to share it. For example: Instagram story, text message, etc.

2.1d- Notifcations for New Referrals: When someone signs up under your unique referral code you will be notified via email. The email will look like this:

3. Campaign Information

3.1- Campaign Information: This is your campaign information. Here you can see how many users you have referred, your total sales, and your total commission.

3.2- Transactions History: To view your transactions history click the center tab and your transactions history will be displayed below.

3.3- Payouts History: To view your payouts history click the center tab and your payouts history will be displayed below. Payouts occur on the 10th of each month.

4. Account Settings

4.1- Account Settings: Here you will be able to view your account settings.

4.2- Password: On this tab you will be able to change your password. Enter your email that you used to set up your account in the first field (the email may be there already). In the next field enter the password you’d like to make your new password. Enter that same password again in the next field to confirm it. Lastly enter your old password in the bottom field to verify the changes.

4.3- Bank Account: Here you will fill in your personal/business information in the top form which is required (each of the items with an * is mandatory). Once you have entered all of your personal/business information click “Save Account Information” button.

After the account information verification is complete, enter your bank account information of which you would like your referral payouts to be deposited in the bottom form. To do this enter your bank’s name, the routing number for your bank, and lastly the account number for your bank account. After the information is entered correctly click the “Save Bank Account” button located beneath the fields of the form.

If you are still having trouble with any of these steps, please feel free to contact us for help.